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What is Sample Choice?

Sample Choice gives you a chance to choose one of the samples for your next box or opt into a curated box, which is a predetermined set of samples. Here’s how it works:

Once Sample Choice has begun for the upcoming box, you’ll be able to make your selection within your account (be sure to watch our Sneak Peek videos to find out when the offer launches each month!).

If you choose one of the individual samples, the rest of your box will be based on your Profile and theme. If you choose the curated box, you’re opting in to receive the featured set of samples. If you opt into one of these boxes, your choice will override your Profile and Box History, and this box will come in place of a personalized box. This means that if you’ve received one of these samples in the past, you’ll be able to receive it again.

Sample Choice options come at no additional cost.  If you choose not to participate, you’ll receive a box based on our monthly theme and your Profile.

Sample Choice is included in all women's Birchbox subscriptions and BirchboxMan Plus subscriptions.