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What are Lists?

Your Lists help you keep track of the products you love while you contemplate your next order (or let your friends know what you have your eye on!) Manage your Lists from your Account Settings, or by clicking here while logged in.

To add a new List,  click the “Create a new List” button in the top-righthand corner of the banner. Then, type in your title and click “Done.”  To remove a List, click the List you’d like to delete. Then, click “Delete” in the top-righthand corner of the banner and confirm.

Adding products to your Lists is easy! Just click the heart button beside “Add to List” next to the “Add to Cart” button on any product page. Select the List you’d like to add to, and you’re done! Please note, this will not add items to your orders, nor does have an influence the products we'll include in your subscription.